Sunday, October 11, 2015

Krogen Cruisers Rendezvous to Zimmerman Marine, Cardinal, Virginia

Left Calvert Marina one boat at a time.  Randy, the Krogen dock master, was artful, smoothly directing the order and release of each boat on Channel 17.  Soon it was our turn and before long nine Krogens from the Rendezvous had left the bay and were headed south.  


Everyone Waiting Their Turn

Thinking that we would not make it Zimmerman before dusk, a few hours cruise south and we turned off to anchor in a bay off White Stone, VA and another Krogen went farther into the bay while the remainders continued toward Deltaville.  Very pleasant weather, warmish – 70’s with 1 foot seas.  In the evening they settled down to nothing.  We had sausages and zucchini on the grill with a baked potato and glass of wine on the aft deck.  No internet here as expected but have AT&T service but no Sprint.

And The Evening Awaits!