Saturday, November 21, 2015

Underway, Finally! Zimmerman Marine, Cardinal, Virginia to Deep Creek Basin, Virginia

It froze last night so we had to be careful not to slip and slide on both the dock and the boat deck.  We both wore knitted watch caps – Thank You Susan!  The first thing this morning we measured the vertical clearance of Knot 2 Fast.  22 ft 10 in.  Then we cast off at 7:15am on high tide with the sun in our eyes.  Bob steered and I stood on the forward deck and pointed the direction to leave the yard since it was impossible to see through the pilot house windows into the sun.

Norfolk Ship Yard

Norfolk Railroad Bridge

 About 10am we could see the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to our left off in the distance.  We entered the Elizabeth River with the Norfolk Navy ships to port as we headed toward the Dismal Swamp.  There were security vessels outboard of some of the Navy ships and government buildings, navy yards and shipyards on both sides with a few ferry and tourist boat docks thrown in.  Upriver a paddle wheeler passed us going the opposite direction.  Both banks were very industrial looking. 

Paddle Wheel Boat

We spent a good part of the river following the big red tug “Jack Hampton” which was pushing a sand barge.  He had to swing from one side of the river to the other as he maneuvered the many turns until he eventually came to the Gilmerton Bridge where we asked and received permission to pass him as he slowed to line up for the bridge passing.  We were out of sight by the time he went through but it didn’t look like he would have had much extra space between the bridge pylons.
Beginning of the Dismal Swamp
After the next bridge was the right turn into the waterway leading to the Dismal Swamp.  Just inside a short distance we stopped at picturesque Deep Creek Basin which is too rectangular to be natural but is a nice place to stay.  Every other tree had a No Trespassing sign posted.  The only negative is that Hwy 64 is visible out the entrance and the sound comes in as well.  We enjoyed the last sunlight of the day and maybe the week as clouds are predicted for tomorrow as well as sinking temperatures throughout the week.  Two sailboats were rafted up when we arrived and two fishing boats came in later, both anchoring to fish for a while.  Of the two rafted boats, one has a dog which they take to shore call in their dinghy.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Water Tank Issues

Painted the plywood flooring for the under the queen bed storage area.  Two coats on each side.  We also emptied the port holding  tank and sprayed it out with fresh water before refilling.  Weather looks good for tomorrow so we plan to leave by 6:30am.  Bob fixed the forward bilge pump which had quit working for some unknown reason.  Unknown reason turned out to be the check valve clogged with debris.  All fine now and works.   

We emptied out the port fresh water tank and Bob sprayed it down with the hose sprayer.  When I filled the fresh water tanks I overfilled them and fresh water leaked into the bilge so the below the aft bilge pump began to run.  Soon we figured out it was fresh water so no worries. The top of the port tank was a swimming pool and I sponged out 21 quarts of water and put on a fan to dry out the area.  After dinner I took out more water and left a fan on overnight.  My hands are tired.  Now, over filling shouldn't be a problem. We should have recognized this as an omen of things to come.

We had hot dogs and chili for dinner.  When are we going to start eating better?  Oh yeah, tomorrow.   To our benefit, we both exercised this morning.  Bob went for a run and I did my series of jumping jacks, push ups, side planks and lunges.  By 8:30 we had cleaned up from dinner and the boat was mostly ship shape for leaving tomorrow morning at 6:30am, high tide.  It is around 50 outside and we have the heat on.  I am going to miss the heat tomorrow as we will probably be anchored somewhere.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Gerting to settled into Zimmerman Marina

We are getting comfortable here.  They let us use the car, hot showers, free water and electricity, no holding tank issues, and they are friendly.  Getting difficult to think about moving on.

It is a rainy day as forecasted!  Wind and rain washed decks and cabin.  I should put on my rain gear and scrub the decks…or stay inside where it is warm where Bob is making hot chocolate.  I am getting very lazy.  We have a list of things to do but will we do them…   Time has passed.  More trips to Home Depot were made.  We cut pieces for the storage area under the queen bed.  I measured it wrong AND cut the wrong piece of plywood.  Grrrrrr.  The pieces still work…barely.  Put together two pieces to fit under the mattress so Bob can have his legs higher when in bed.   

Went to dinner at Patriots Grill where they had a barbecue pork special.  I ate that instead of vegetables.  When am I going to start eating better?  Oh yeah, tomorrow!  We split a freshly cooked ½ chocolate chip and ½ macademia nut cookie still in the skillet and sizzling hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.  What a good idea!  It was great!!  Bob says he will start with the cookie for dinner. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

AT&T store

After another check around the boat / dock / parking lot / car I left for the AT&T store in Newport News.  Driving along the road looked familiar and then I started seeing signs for Williamsburg.  I’ve been on Hwy 17 at this location on a trip with my mom to Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown.  I wouldn’t mind visiting again but alas I had to continue on my assigned journey.   

Arriving at my destination I found that the AT&T store had moved but it was grand opening day for the new location which was about 4 times bigger than their old store and the Falmouth store I am  familiar with where there are a couple store reps and a dozen customers.  Here there were at least 6 store reps and …… me.  Before long I had my new phone which happened to look just like my old one.  Bob had been installing a new faucet in the head sink and needed parts so off we went again to Home Depot.  Parts in hand, the rest of the afternoon was spent with Bob finishing up the new faucet and me updating my new phone. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Zimmerman, Home Depot and Cell phone swimming

Red Sky in the Morning

Red sky in morning!  Rain is on the way so the day has more clouds and is cooler than yesterday though it is a little warmer in the evening than last night.  A good day for wearing sweatpants.  We didn’t need to put the heat on this evening.  

Exciting things today!  We went to Home Depot for plywood, Walmart for groceries and a local restaurant, Patriots Grill, for dinner on the way home.  Patriots Grill was recommended by Zimmerman, and they were right!  Pulled Pork and a great dessert list, but we decided to wait on the dessert.    

Back to the boat, then IT happened…the first time ever…for me…  I had lifted the piece of plywood from the dock to Bob on board the boat.  I straightened up and put my hands in the pockets of my sweatshirt…no phone…the pockets of my sweatpants…no phone…looked around on the dock…no phone…  Remember those fanny packs?  I am going to wear one…next time I carry a phone…  Meanwhile I hope some small sea creature can use my phone case to start a miniature reef under the dock at Zimmerman Marine, Virginia.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Back home on K2F

Zimmerman Sunrise

Continued to put away all the stuff we brought with us, baggage; clean laundry, mail and enough Costco packaged goods to last us a year.  Zimmerman folks are finishing up their projects, John on electricity and engine, and Bob on stabilizers and holding tank additions.  Sunny, quiet day with light breeze and it warmed up with the sun.  Nice to be back on the boat and get back into the boat routine.

Morning out the back door

Sunday, November 15, 2015

To the West Coast to see family and friends

12 Oct 2015 to 15 Nov 2015
Laurie showed up on the 12th to give us a ride to her place, 2.5 hours away in Woodbridge, VA.  Then she gave us a ride on Tuesday to Reagan Airport and we arrived in LA in the evening where Kris picked us up.  Friday we spent the night at Des and Cheryl’s along with the rest of the gang, Ron and Trudy and Lynne and Steve. 

Saturday morning Des delivered us to the Carnival Miracle Cruise ship in Longbeach, CA, with several van trips and the assistance of his friendly, helpful neighbor Ann.  Next was 15 days on a cruise ship to and from Hawaii with stops in Kauai, Maui, Oahu, Kona and Hilo, Hawaii, and 5 hours in Ensenada, Mexico.  If you want to visit Hawaii, don't do it on a cruise ship.  The cruise ship was nice if you like canned entertainment, but not enough time anywhere in Hawaii to see and experience anything. 

Upon the return we spent 5 days with Ron and Trudy as a base in San Diego with a break in the middle at Mary Kay’s, our daycare provider when we lived there.  A mid week dinner in Mission Valley with Tony and Mary, Bob's boss when he was with Scripps, ended with a run in the rain, along with ¼” diameter hail, to the borrowed truck.  

 On November 7th the Hawaii Cruise Group met at Lynne and Steve’s for a lesson/demonstration making Dichromic Glass pendants in her microwave kiln.  Then back to LA with Des and Cheryl with Kris picking us up the next day.  Stayed with Kris until flying back to Reagan on Thursday.  Picked up again by Laurie where we stayed until she and her friend Angie delivered us to the Zimmerman Boatyard in Mathews, Virginia.