Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years Eve on Bimini

New Year Eve with K2F
One thing that seems to be happening here is that time is becoming less important.  I lose track of the days, and before you know it, it is New Years Eve.  Where did the last week go?  Dan, Judy, myself and the rest of his family on Quest took his 100 HP center counsel “dinghy” up to the Bimini Resort to snorkel, play with Piper and look for the streets of Atlantis.  The evening was filled with cookouts and goodies from all the boats here in Browns Marina.  I think pictures tell the story best…

Quest Guest checking out the bottom
Clifton and Jeff manning the grill
Terry the Marina manager hosting the cookout

Judy and Piper playing

New Years Day parade

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas with K2F

With Peggy gone, I sort of forgot that it fell to me to keep the writings up to date, hopefully to turn into a blog soon.  To back track a bit, Peggy went home on Dec 24 to be with her mom for Christmas.  I accompanied her to south Bimini Island where the international airport is by way of ferry, a small noisy, smoky, fishing boat, and taxi, a family hauler van full of family stuff, kid stuff, last week’s groceries, and kids.

Peggy and Bob, Dec. 23, 2015

So here I am in the Bahamas, on our boat, with the prospect of being all alone for the next 5 weeks.  What to do?  Before Peggy left, we went through a honey-do list to keep me busy, and to insure that the K2F is kept clean, organized, and various small systems are brought up to date.  She has been gone for 1 week now, how have I done?  I have been jogging on the beach, snorkeling every morning, visited A Taste of Heaven 2 or 3 times for a cinnamon bun, grocery store for banana’s, apples and oranges, got the hole fixed in the dinghy, and visited with a whole new set of sail boat people that came in to replace the 6 boats that left Last Wednesday.   Notice that nothing on the honey-do list is on my got-accomplished list.

Getting my reward for beach jogging

Christmas day started with the usual jog and snorkel on Bob’s beach.  Odd that all these years of being in the Navy and doing 2 WestPac Tours, and doing over 100 Oceanographic sea trips on 30 different ships, this is the first time I have not been home for Christmas.  Such is the draw of the Bahamas.  Turns out that Kris did not come home either, and Genoa, Eowyn and her husband Ryan went to North Adams for Christmas.  Betty and Peggy got to enjoy a quite holiday together on the Cape and I had to go to the beach to check the warmth of the sand between my toes.